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I started with a degree in Business Education and taught at the high school level for 42 years. I taught Graphic Design for about 20 years. I graduated from the Mac Academy in Boston in 1998. I've  been using Photoshop since the 2.5 version arrived in 1992 and in 1996 I received Adobe Photoshop instructor certification. My main focus has been getting quality digital photos from the printer. It was very exciting to see those digital images on the camera or the computer but I was concerned that those beautiful photos would just end up getting lost in a sea of pixels and forgotten. Recently, I've started working on getting those printed photos to look as beautiful as they looked on screen. That was never an easy task. In the past few years I have asked for support from the informative people at Mac Academy , Epson, and DataColor. I have learned  by calibrating my computer monitor,  I've been able to develop prints that come very close to the on screen images. Now I have decided to make them available to you.

My family owns a cottage on Bustins Island which is in the town of Freeport Maine. I began taking photos of the coastal areas around Freeport about 15 years ago. This Web Site shows just a few of the photos in my library. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

If you cannot find a photo you like, you can email or upload your photo for print. Just follow the instructions I've listed and I'll print your photo and I will make enhancements as needed. I have also Included a Photo Restoration Option. You can now email, upload or mail your damaged photo for restoration. I will do my best to restore your photo to its original captured image, then I will mail or email it back to you.  You can email your old or damaged to me at: Or send your photos to:
Carey Wilson
26 Iron Wood Rd
New Gloucester, ME. 04260
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